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'It will always be an option': Ed Tech teacher preps future educators for virtual instruction

3 Apr 2022

The past two years have highlighted why. Students and teachers both had to adapt to virtual instruction during the pandemic. It’s a way of learning no one expected and a way of learning Brogley believes is here to stay.

“I see virtual instruction as always being an option,” she said. “We’ve seen the idea that this can happen and this can be an option for schools today.”

UW-Platteville is known for turning out quality, prepared teachers. It is the first teacher preparation institute in the state of Wisconsin. Brogley said students pursuing a teaching degree at the college are well-rounded when they graduate. Her course is required for every student within the School of Education.

“It’s time we start thinking about that school doesn’t have to look the same way it has looked for the past 50 years and how can we educate in different ways,” Brogley said. “Not every student comes to us the same exact way with the same understanding and passion and needs.”

Both Brogley and her husband are educators and had to tackle virtual instruction these past two years. She said it took some getting used to, but energized her to prepare future teachers for this new world of learning.

“Teaching is incredibly rewarding, and it’s part of who you are,” she said. “To prepare teachers for the vast array of setting we can be faced with in today’s educational landscape.”

Sophomore Lydia Oakleaf wants to be a high school history teacher.  She admits the transition to virtual learning has been scary.

“That’s especially because of how many teachers are leaving the profession right now,” Oakleaf said.

She has an advantage. She has been living through virtual instruction for the past two years.

“I have seen effective virtual lectures and I’ve been trying to take note of those elements and write them down so I can remember to use them,” Oakleaf said.

For Brogley, seeing her students adapt the way Oakleaf has done makes her proud and hopeful for the future of education.

“Students like Lydia are versatile,” Brogley said. “They leverage technology very naturally and it’s been a fun journey.”

Brogley founded the Southwest Wisconsin Google Educator Group. She’s also one of the leaders of Global Google Educator Group, a leadership team from around the world committed to improving education with technology.

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