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The ENTER_EdTech project has officially concluded

16 Jan 2024

After 3 years of working together, the ENTER_EdTech project which aimed at transforming the European EdTech landscape, has officially concluded

ENTER_EdTech was created to bridge the gap in the European EdTech ecosystem, bringing together academic and industrial expertise to empower students and alumni. Our mission? To enhance entrepreneurial skills, promote quality EdTech products, and boost successful startups in Europe.

Our consortium united academic and industrial partners, empowering a broad audience from students to faculty, researchers, staff, educators, and alumni and together, we've fostered the development of EdTech entrepreneurs.

What did we achieve?

✔Access to curated open resources via the OER Repository (WP1).

✔A revolutionary curriculum composed of blended learning course modules in seven countries. (WP2-WP4).

✔An EdTech Learning Environment with repositories, training materials, mentoring spaces, and LIHs information (WP2-WP4).

✔Learning Innovation Hubs (LIHs) which connected entrepreneurs with mentors, leaders, and specialists (WP2-WP4).

✔A Sustainable online community of EdTech mentors and specialists via our mentoring platform (WP5).

✔National startup competitions

A big “Thank you” to everyone who contributed to the success of ENTER_EdTech especially to our external mentors who helped us implement the project and shared the vision of its implementation and of course to all of our National Advisory Boards who provided their significant suggestions throughout the project! 

We sincerely hope that project’s results will help promote and enhance the entrepreneurial mindset in EdTech sector.

For more info on the project’s outcomes, click here.

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