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An inspirational success story from the Greek LIH

19 Jul 2023

Dimitris Kremmydas, Co-Founder OF Brive shares his experience with the ENTER EdTech Greek LIH and the impact it had on him and his start-up.

“Prior to joining the ENTER EdTech program, our startup faced several key challenges. For example:

•We had no access to EdTech startup programs.

•We had no valuable resources or workshops to attend regarding the education technology industry.

•We had a hard time connecting with industry experts and related organizations.

Since joining the ENTER EdTech Program, we have experienced a transformative shift in our business approach. The ENTER EdTech Program has connected us with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry experts, mentors, and investors. Moreover, the program's workshops and resources on marketing and sales strategies have played a crucial role in shaping our mindset.

Engaging with mentors, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs has taught us the value of clear and concise communication in conveying our ideas and vision.

This has enabled us to better articulate our unique value proposition in a simple and efficient way. Οur ability to adapt and pivot has been enhanced as well. 

What we enjoyed most about our experience at the ENTER EdTech Program was the vibrant and supportive community that the program fosters. The ENTER EdTech Program is a powerful example of the saying "Your connections are your net worth."

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