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Testimonial from the Cyprus LIH: Dr. Tanya Dove, BC SIZING

28 Jun 2023

Cyprus LIH Success Story: Dr. Tanya Dove shares her incredible journey with the ENTER EdTech LIH program and how it has shaped her vision for BC SIZING, revolutionizing the fashion industry.

"Participating in the ENTER EdTech LIH program has been an incredible journey for me and my business. I have always dreamt of creating a platform that revolutionizes the fashion industry, and with the support of this program, I have come one step closer to realizing that dream. 


Through the program, I had the opportunity to develop my business model with the guidance and support of the online program and in house mentors. My website,, was developed to showcase how our software system will work, creating sizes with sizes, fit for every woman. I am currently helping women in Cyprus achieve a perfect fit through my online page, Facebook Sewing in Cyprus, where I take on private commissions, which is also validating my sizing system. The prototype video we created truly captures the essence of our platform and has been well-received by users.  


Excitingly, I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by the Cyprus Mail, a renowned publication. They will feature me in their upcoming issue, during the first weekend of July 2023, and I am eagerly anticipating the digital copies that will follow shortly after. This exposure will undoubtedly help me reach a wider audience and attract potential investors. 


Speaking of funding, it has been a challenging journey. As an ambitious startup, we are constantly seeking the financial support necessary to fuel our growth. However, I remain optimistic that the right opportunity will come our way soon. Building a successful business requires perseverance and dedication, and I am fully committed to realizing the vision I have for my platform. 


The ENTER EdTech LIH program has been my stepping stone towards achieving my goals. Winning the first prize in the IDEA accelerator program has not only provided validation for my business model but has also offered invaluable guidance to further refine it. I am confident that the program has equipped me with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed. 


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and support provided by the edtech startup program. Without their guidance and resources, I wouldn't have come this far. I am excited about the future and confident that with the right funding and continued hard work, my platform will revolutionize the fashion industry. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this amazing journey!”

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