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The fast-growing industry of EdTech field

21 Nov 2023

According to HolonIQ’s latest findings, in 2021, EdTech VC investment soared to $20.8 billion through 3,000+ funding rounds, generating 32 EdTech unicorns. This investment was 40 times larger than in 2010, almost three times the pre-pandemic 2019 levels.

However, it seems that in 2022 EdTech VC funding witnessed a drop in funding which was close to $10.6 billion, and for 2023 is expected to reach around $3.5 billion. These are in line with trends in other industries, with varying impacts across markets.

The EdTech field is a fast-growing industry, something that is underlined by the recent funded startups across the globe. This indicates the strong investor interest in hybrid learning solutions and their willingness to invest more in this field even with the overall observed reduction in funding.

👉For the full report, click here.

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