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Work Package 1: "Collection of State of the Art Documents for Ed Tech Entrepreneurs"

14 Feb 2022

The EnterEdTech Project's first output is Work Package 1: "Collection of State of the Art Documents for Ed Tech Entrepreneurs." The ENTER EdTech project aims to improve the quality of entrepreneurship education in higher education by bringing together academic and industrial partners with entrepreneurial experience and expertise in educational technologies and learning pedagogies to empower undergraduate and postgraduate students, faculty members, researchers, staff and educators, as well as university alumni, to become EdTech entrepreneurs. Visit the website at for more information.

Coming back to WP1, this output is an online tool, a Collection of Resources (CoR), aimed at anyone who is or wants to be an EdTech founder/entrepreneur, including HEI students, faculty, alumni, young and senior EdTech entrepreneurs. The second target group, Mentors and Community Facilitators, who work with EdTech entrepreneurs, is also addressed.

Despite the fact that WP1 was completed in the middle of 2021, the EnterEdTech Partnership continues to update and add new resources not only until the project's end, but also afterward. EnterEdTech aspires to provide a long-term tool to the EdTech community. The Resources Collection is hosted on a repository created as part of the project and can be found at 

You can read the online guide "How to use the ENTER EdTech Repository's Collection of Resources" to learn how to search the CoR and about the taxonomy, or metadata scheme, that is used to tag resources to make searching easier. If you come across an interesting resource, you can save it as a pdf file to download/print it or share its unique link via email or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stay tuned at EnterEdTech Project!

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