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Interview with Lefteris Ntouanoglou, Founder & CEO of Schoox, a world leader in workplace Learning and Development software with a people-first twist

27 Apr 2023

Lefteris Ntouanoglou, a seasoned entrepreneur with almost 30 years of experience in both the startup and the corporate world, recounts Schoox's journey from an idea and a passion to a product and from there to a global company. 

He shares his experiences and wisdom in an in-depth discussion with Babis Papadopoulos of Enter EdTech for the teams of the Program, addressing topics like: the hardships and the rewards of being an entrepreneur; testing your initial idea and defining/evaluating your target market; bootstrapping or fundraising and what is applicable when; how to scale globally starting from a small, peripheral country and market; while also debating the key reasons why Education Technology is a singular domain within the entrepreneurial world.

Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel:

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