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Mentoring Sessions in Slovenia

16 Jan 2023

Entering the EdTech Entrepreneurship World is an exciting project that has just entered its mentoring phase. This project was created to address the shortage of support for talented individuals with big ideas in the education sector. Out of 15 initial participants, 6 have been chosen to further develop their edtech projects with the help of two mentors. 

The mentor-mentee relationship is significant for this project, as it ensures that all participants receive personalized support throughout every stage of their project development. Instead of providing a large amount of knowledge, mentors gave them hands-on advice and guidance on what they needed to do to move forward. This approach helped ensure that all participants took full advantage of this opportunity and made the most of their projects. 


In addition, these mentors provided feedback on each participant’s work and gave them feedback on how they could improve their projects or what needed to be done differently next time. This kind of constructive criticism is invaluable in helping everyone involved make more informed decisions regarding their projects and increase their chances of success. Furthermore, having someone review each participant’s progress regularly helps motivate them to stay on track and ensure they are meeting their goals. 


We are concluding our last mentoring sessions, finalizing ideas and preparing pitch presentations. Despite the intensity of the exercises and providing guidance, all participants have expressed that they are not interested in seeking outside financing. Instead, they are looking for the freedom to work from anywhere while still providing value to their target audience. They see the Erasmus+ programme as an excellent opportunity to make their ideas come to life and to make a meaningful impact on the lives of their target group. 

The mentoring phase is only one part of the overall project; once this phase has been completed successfully, participants who want will move on to the second phase: execution and implementation. During this stage, each participant will have access to additional resources, such as networking opportunities and funding sources, to help launch their product or service into the market. 

Entering EdTech Entrepreneurship World is an excellent opportunity for those interested in starting up a business within the education sector but don’t know where to begin. Thanks to this project’s tailored mentoring sessions and access to resources like funding opportunities, anyone who participates could start up a successful business venture within this field and impact the industry. 

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